- Mortal Kombat Deception (2004) - Finishers - XBOX
Mortal Kombat Deception (2004)
Finishers - XBOX
NightwolfBo' Rai ChoAshrahDairouKobraDarrius
JadeKenshiSindelHavikRaidenLi Mei
Noob-SmokeTanyaShujinkoHotaruKiraLiu Kang
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Last updated: 03/23/19
Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

U = Up
D = Down
F = Forward/Toward
B = Back/Away
1 = Attack 1
2 = Attack 2
3 = Attack 3
4 = Attack 4
BL = Block
CS = Change Style
TH = Throw
GW= Grab Weapon
1 = X
2 = Y
3 = A
4 = B
GW = (White)

Selectable Characters:

Ashrah Ashrah
Fatality 1 - Voodoo Doll: D, D, U, U, Y (Close)
Fatality 2 - Spirit Melt: F, D, F, D, Y (Sweep)
Hara-Kiri - Deadly Spin: U, D, U, U, Y
Baraka Baraka
Fatality 1 - Mutant Dissection: F, U, D, Y (Close)
Fatality 2 - Head Spike: F, D, B, F, Y (Sweep)
Hara-Kiri - Self Decapitation: D, B, U, B, B
Bo' Rai Cho Bo' Rai Cho
Fatality 1 - Fire Breath: D, U, F, F, Y (Sweep)
Fatality 2 - Flaming Fart: U, B, F, A (Sweep)
Hara-Kiri - Exploding Fart: B, B, F, F, Y
Dairou Dairou
Fatality 1 - Stretch and Slam: D, U, B, B, X (Sweep)
Fatality 2 - Eye Stab: D, D, B, A (Close)
Hara-Kiri - Chiropractor: B, B, B, D, X
Darrius Darrius
Fatality 1 - Arm Bash: U, D, B, F, A (Sweep)
Fatality 2 - Rearrange: D, F, F, U, X (Close)
Hara-Kiri - Head Smash: B, F, F, Y
Ermac Ermac
Fatality 1 - Telekinetic Slams: D, B, B, D, A (Sweep)
Fatality 2 - Telekinetic Tear: B, D, B, D, B (Sweep)
Hara-Kiri - Head Slams: D, U, U, D, A
Kabal Kabal
Fatality 1 - Tornado Cut: F, U, U, U, A (Close)
Fatality 2 - Hook Up: U, U, D, D, Y (Close)
Hara-Kiri - Hooksword Surgery: F, U, U, D, Y
Kobra Kobra
Fatality 1 - Heart Shallow: D, B, F, D, B (Close)
Fatality 2 - Super Kick: F, B, F, F, Y (Close)
Hara-Kiri - Organ Donor: U, U, B, B, Y
Mileena Mileena
Fatality 1 - Ferocious Bite: F, F, D, D, X (Sweep)
Fatality 2 - Sai Lodge: U, U, F, F, A (Far)
Hara-Kiri - Brain Surgery: B, D, F, D, X
Nightwolf Nightwolf
Fatality 1 - Axe, Meet Head: B, F, B, F, X (Far)
Fatality 2 - Tomahawk Decap: D, F, D, U, Y (Sweep)
Hara-Kiri - Homing Tomahawk: U, U, U, U, A
Scorpion Scorpion
Fatality 1 - Spine Rip: F, D, F, F, X (Sweep)
Fatality 2 - Hellish Dismemberment: F, B, F, B, X (Close)
Hara-Kiri - Neck Snap: D, D, U, B, X
Sub-Zero Sub-Zero
Fatality 1 - Freeze and Throw: F, B, D, F, Y (Close)
Fatality 2 - Below Freezing: B, D, F, D, X (Sweep)
Hara-Kiri - Meltdown: D, U, D, U, Y
Unlockable Characters:

Havik Havik (Unlockable)
Fatality 1 - Batter Up: D, F, F, U, B (Close)
Fatality 2 - Human Pencil Sharpener: F, F, F, B, Y (Sweep)
Hara-Kiri - Head Rip: F, U, U, U, Y
Hotaru Hotaru (Unlockable)
Fatality 1 - Body Slam: F, U, B, D, X (Sweep)
Fatality 2 - Triple Neck Snap: D, F, B, F, Y (Close)
Hara-Kiri - Spine Rip: U, B, B, B, Y
Jade Jade (Unlockable)
Fatality 1 - Head Kabob: B, F, U, F, X (Sweep)
Fatality 2 - Jade Cutter: B, F, F, F, Y (Close)
Hara-Kiri - Razor-Rang Harvest: F, F, F, B, Y
Kenshi Kenshi (Unlockable)
Fatality 1 - Katana Strike: F, F, B, B, Y (Sweep)
Fatality 2 - Telekinetic Stretch: U, F, B, F, Y (Sweep)
Hara-Kiri - Seppuku: D, B, B, F, B
Kira Kira (Unlockable)
Fatality 1 - Torso Rip: B, F, F, B, B (Far)
Fatality 2 - Dragon's Shotgun: U, F, D, B, A (Sweep)
Hara-Kiri - Knife Stab: F, B, U, B, A
Li Mei Li Mei (Unlockable)
Fatality 1 - Brutality: F, F, F, F, X (Sweep)
Fatality 2 - Head Grenade: U, B, F, F, B (Sweep)
Hara-Kiri - Deadly Limbo: U, D, U, D, A
Liu Kang Liu Kang (Unlockable)
Fatality 1 - Focused Fireball: B, B, B, F, Y (Sweep)
Fatality 2 - Soul Invasion: F, F, U, U, A (Sweep)
Hara-Kiri - Ethereal Fire: D, D, D, U, A
Noob-Smoke Noob-Smoke (Unlockable)
Fatality 1 - Shuriken Slam: B, F, B, F, B (Far) (Noob Only)
Fatality 2 - Smoke Death: U, D, D, F, Y (Sweep) (Smoke Only)
Hara-Kiri - What Goes Up/Self Destruct: D, U, U, D, B (Noob or Smoke)
Raiden Raiden (Unlockable)
Fatality 1 - Godly Essence: B, D, F, D, X (Sweep)
Fatality 2 - Lightning Strike: U, D, F, F, X (Far)
Hara-Kiri - Overload: F, U, U, B, X
Shujinko Shujinko (Unlockable)
Finishers: [Note: Finishers must be unlocked]
Fatality 1 - Sword Plant: U, D, D, F, A (Close)
Fatality 2 - Shaolin Evisceration: B, U, F, F, X (Close)
Hara-Kiri - Arm Slice: D, B, D, B, A
Sindel Sindel (Unlockable)
Fatality 1 - Sonic Screech: B, F, F, B, X (Sweep)
Fatality 2 - Kwan Dao Kopter: U, U, B, F, A (Sweep)
Hara-Kiri - Neckbreaker: F, U, U, D, B
Tanya Tanya (Unlockable)
Fatality 1 - Kneebone Knife: F, D, D, D, X (Close)
Fatality 2 - Torture Rack: U, B, F, U, Y (Close)
Hara-Kiri - Eye Stab: D, D, F, U, A