- Mortal Kombat 11 (2019) - Fatalities - Universal - XBOX One/PlayStation 4/Nintendo Switch/Windows PC
Mortal Kombat 11 (2019)
Fatalities - Universal - XBOX One/PlayStation 4/Nintendo Switch/Windows PC
BarakaCassie CageCetrionD'VorahErron BlackFrostGerasJacqui BriggsJadeJax BriggsJohnny CageKabal
KanoKitanaKollectorKotal KahnKung LaoLiu KangNoob SaibotRaidenScorpionSkarletSonya BladeSub-Zero
Shao KahnShang TsungNightwolfThe TerminatorSindelThe JokerSpawn
MileenaRainRambo / NetherRealm Studios
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Last updated: 11/17/20
Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

U = Up/Jump
D = Down/Crouch
F = Forward/Toward
B = Back/Away
Dash = F, F
Back Dash = B, B
Uppercut = (D+BP)
Sweep = (B+BK)
Run = (Dash+BL)
Pause/Movelist = START

FP = Front Punch
BP = Back Punch
FK = Front Kick
BK = Back Kick
*TH = Throw (Away)
*(F+TH) = Throw (Towards)
SI = Stage Interact
FS = Flip Stance
BL = Block

TH (Away) Reversal = FP/FK
TH (Towards) Reversal = BP/BK
FP = X
BP = Y
FK = A
BK = B
*TH = LB
*(F+TH) = (F+LB)

TH (Away) Reversal = X/A
TH (Towards) Reversal = Y/B

PlayStation 4:
FP =
BP = Δ
FK = X
BK = O
*TH = L1
*(F+TH) = (F+L1)
SI = R1
FS = L2
BL = R2

TH (Away) Reversal = /X
TH (Towards) Reversal = Δ/O
FP = Y
BP = X
FK = B
BK = A
*TH = L
*(F+TH) = (F+L)
SI = R

TH (Away) Reversal = Y/B
TH (Towards) Reversal = X/A

   *Throw (Away) Switches the character's facing side, while (Towards) maintains it.
Environment Interactions: SI
Environment Interactions cost half of your Defensive Gauge, which will refill over time.

Amplify: SI
You can Amplify some Special Moves by pressing SI at the right time.
Most Amplified Special Moves cost half of your Offensive Gauge, which will refill over time.

Fatal Blow: (FS+BL)
When your character's Health is below 30%, you can perform your character's most powerful attack, the Fatal Blow!
You can only use your Fatal Blow once per match if it successfully hits.
If a Fatal Blow is Blocked or misses, you will have to wait a short time before you can use it again.

Mercy: (Hold FS), D, D, D (Release FS) (Mid) (After Finish Him)
Gives the opponent a small amount of health and a second chance to win the match.
After performing a Mercy, beating your opponent again and executing a Brutality or Fatality earns you more points than you would otherwise receive.

Friendships: You must not press BL in the final round to perform a Friendship in a Kompetitive Match.
No such prerequisite exists for non-kompetitive matches including single player towers. (Mid Range, about one jump away)

Stage Fatalities: Dead Pool, Shaolin Trap Dungeon, Tournament (Close Range)
Selectable Characters:

Baraka Baraka
Fatality 1 - Food for Thought: B, D, B, BP (Close)
Fatality 2 - Rock, Paper, Baraka: B, F, B, FK (Close)
Cassie Cage Cassie Cage
Fatality 1 - I <3 U (I Love You): D, D, F, BK (Mid)
Fatality 2 - #GirlPower: B, D, D, B, BP (Far)
Cetrion Cetrion
Fatality 1 - Maintaining Balance: B, D, F, D, BK (Mid)
Fatality 2 - Good And Evil: B, D, B, FK (Mid)
D'Vorah D'Vorah
Fatality 1 - New Species: B, F, B, FK (Close)
Fatality 2 - Can't Die: B, D, D, BK (Mid)
Erron Black Erron Black
Fatality 1 - Melted: D, D, D, FP (Mid)
Fatality 2 - Death Trap: D, F, D, BP (Mid)
Frost Frost (Unlockable - Complete Chapter 4 of Story Mode)
Fatality 1 - Ice Sculpture: F, B, D, FP (Close)
Fatality 2 - The Cyber Initiative: B, F, D, F, BK (Mid)
Geras Geras
Fatality 1 - Phasing Through Time: B, D, D, FK (Anywhere)
Fatality 2 - Peeling Back: D, F, B, FP (Close)
Jacqui Briggs Jacqui Briggs
Fatality 1 - Spider Mines: F, B, F, FK (Mid)
Fatality 2 - Nothin' But Neck: B, F, B, BK (Mid)
Jade Jade
Fatality 1 - Bow Before Me: D, D, F, D, BK (Anywhere)
Fatality 2 - Pole Dance: B, F, D, F, FP (Close)
Jax Briggs Jax Briggs
Fatality 1 - Coming In Hot: F, D, F, FK (Close)
Fatality 2 - Still Got It: B, F, B, D, FP (Close)
Johnny Cage Johnny Cage
Fatality 1 - Mr. Cage's Neighborhood: F, B, D, D, BK (Close)
Fatality 2 - Who Hired This Guy: F, D, F, FP (Close)
Kabal Kabal
Fatality 1 - Road Rash: B, F, D, F, FK (Mid)
Fatality 2 - Hooked: D, D, D, BK (Close)
Kano Kano
Fatality 1 - Last Dance: F, D, D, FP (Close)
Fatality 2 - Face Like a Dropped Pie: B, D, F, BP (Close)
Kitana Kitana
Fatality 1 - Gore-Nado: D, D, D, D, BP (Mid)
Fatality 2 - Royal Execution: D, B, F, FP (Mid)
Kollector Kollector
Fatality 1 - For The Kollection: D, D, D, D, BK (Close)
Fatality 2 - Head Lantern: D, F, B, FP (Close)
Kotal Kahn Kotal Kahn
Fatality 1 - Totem Sacrifice: B, D, B, FK (Close)
Fatality 2 - Kat Food: B, F, B, F, FP (Close)
Kung Lao Kung Lao
Fatality 1 - Headed Nowhere: D, F, B, D, BP (Close)
Fatality 2 - Meat Slicer: D, F, D, FK (Close)
Liu Kang Liu Kang
Fatality 1 - Burn Out: D, B, D, F, FP (Close)
Fatality 2 - Belly of the Beast: B, D, B, F, BP (Mid)
Noob Saibot Noob Saibot
Fatality 1 - Split Decision: B, F, B, F, BK (Mid)
Fatality 2 - Double Trouble: D, D, D, FP (Close)
Raiden Raiden
Fatality 1 - Alternating Current: B, D, B, FP (Mid)
Fatality 2 - Direct Current: D, F, B, FK (Close)
Scorpion Scorpion
Fatality 1 - You're Next: B, D, D, FP (Far)
Fatality 2 - Chain Reaction: D, F, B, BP (Mid)
Skarlet Skarlet
Fatality 1 - Bloody Mess: F, B, D, FK (Mid)
Fatality 2 - Heart Condition: D, D, F, BK (Mid)
Sonya Blade Sonya Blade
Fatality 1 - To The Choppa: D, F, B, BP (Mid)
Fatality 2 - Supply Drop: B, F, D, FK (Close)
Sub-Zero Sub-Zero
Fatality 1 - Ice-Cutioner: B, F, B, BP (Mid)
Fatality 2 - Frozen in Time: F, D, F, BK (Mid)
Downloadable Characters (DLC):

Shao Kahn Shao Kahn (Pre-Order/DLC)
Fatality 1 - Back Blown Out: B, F, D, D, FP (Close)
Fatality 2 - Kahn-Sequences: B, F, B, FP (Close)
DLC Availability:
April 23rd, 2019 (With Pre-Order)
Shang Tsung Shang Tsung (DLC)
Fatality 1 - Kondemned to the Damned: B, F, D, D, FP (Mid)
Fatality 2 - Shokan Reborn: B, F, B, BK (Mid)
DLC Availability:
June 18th, 2019 (With Early Access)
Nightwolf Nightwolf (DLC)
Fatality 1 - Komo-tose: D, D, D, BK (Close)
Fatality 2 - War Ritual: B, F, B, F, BP (Close)
DLC Availability:
August 13th, 2019 (With Early Access)
The Terminator The Terminator (DLC)
Fatality 1 - I'm Back: B, F, B, FP (Close)
Fatality 2 - Target Terminated: D, F, D, BK (Mid)
DLC Availability:
October 08th, 2019 (With Early Access)
Sindel Sindel (DLC)
Fatality 1 - Scream Queen: D, D, F, BK (Close)
Fatality 2 - Hair Today Gone Tomorrow: B, F, B, FP (Mid)
DLC Availability:
November 26th, 2019 (With Early Access)
The Joker The Joker (DLC)
Fatality 1 - Party Pooper: D, F, B, BP (Mid)
Fatality 2 - Pop Goes The Mortal: B, D, B, FP (Mid)
DLC Availability:
January 28th, 2020 (With Early Access)
Spawn Spawn (DLC)
Fatality 1 - Rest in Pieces: F, B, D, D, FK (Mid)
Fatality 2 - Unchained: F, B, F, BK (Mid)
DLC Availability:
March 17th, 2020 (With Early Access)
Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath
Characters: (DLC)

Fujin Fujin (DLC)
Fatality 1 - Wind Blade: B, D, D, B (Far)
Fatality 2 - Twisted Twister: F, B, D, BP (Close)
DLC Availability:
May 26th, 2020
Sheeva Sheeva (DLC)
Fatality 1 - Stomp the Yard: D, D, D, FP (Close)
Fatality 2 - Spinal Tap: F, D, D, F, FK (Close)
DLC Availability:
May 26th, 2020
RoboCop RoboCop (DLC)
Fatality 1 - Dead or Alive: B, F, D, D (Close)
Fatality 2 - Thank You For Your Cooperation: F, D, F, FP (Mid)
DLC Availability:
May 26th, 2020
Mileena Mileena (DLC)
Fatality 1 - Spinning Out of Control: B, D, B, BP (Mid)
Fatality 2 - Violent Delights: F, D, D, BK (Close)
DLC Availability:
November 17th, 2020
Rain Rain (DLC)
Fatality 1 - Eye-Solated: B, F, B, D, BP (Anywhere)
Fatality 2 - Power Washer: B, D, D, FP (Close)
DLC Availability:
November 17th, 2020
Rambo Rambo (DLC)
Fatality 1 - Straight To Valhalla: B, F, D, FP (Far)
Fatality 2 - Parrilla Thrilla: D, F, D, BK (Close)
DLC Availability:
November 17th, 2020