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How You Can Help:
If you would like to help contribute to this site, e-mail me at

Positions Available:
1.) HTML editors to help us out with coding for the site(s).
2.) PDF editors.
3.) Graphic editors.
4.) Information gatherers (Typing up info on MK move lists, or others)
5.) Move List testers.

If you want to help out unofficially, share this site with anyone you think would be interested.
If you like fighting games in general, you could also help us out at Fighter's Nirvana.
Information Needed:
1.) MK9 - Tag Combos final damage percentage determined by tag partner...
2.) Damage Percentages for MK7's air combos,
3.) Damage Percentages for MK5's combos, (Going to REALLY need help with this section)
4.) Damage Percentages and more info on MK4/g's combos, if needed,
5.) And just general error testing on the MKT section

If you find a combo for those games or others that I don't have listed, please make sure to list which game and which system you're playing on.