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Mortal Kombat (2011)
Combos - XBOX 360
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Last updated: 03/30/19
Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

U = Up/Jump
D = Down/Crouch
F = Forward/Toward
B = Back/Away
Dash = F, F
Back Dash = B, B
Uppercut = (D+Y)
Sweep = (B+B)
Pause/Movelist = START

FP = Front Punch
BP = Back Punch
FK = Front Kick
BK = Back Kick
TG = Tag
*TH = Throw (Away) = TH/(FP+FK)
*(F+TH) = Throw (Towards) / (F+FP+FK)
FS = Flip Stance / (FK+BK)
BL = Block

TH (Away) Reversal = FP/FK
TH (Towards) Reversal = BP/BK
XBOX 360:
FP = X
BP = Y
FK = A
BK = B
*TH = RB/(X+A)
*(F+TH) = (F+RB)/ (F+X+A)
FS = LT/ (A+B)

TH (Away) Reversal = X/A
TH (Towards) Reversal = Y/B

   *Throw (Away) Switches the character's facing side, while (Towards) maintains it.
Stage Fatalities: Dead Pool, Hell, Living Forest, Pit, Street, Subway, The Flame of Olympus (PS3)
Super Meter:

= Enhanced Special Move (Special Move+RT)
     [Costs 1 Bar of your Super Meter]
= Kombo Breaker (F+RT)
     [Costs 2 Bars of your Super Meter]
= X-Ray Attack (LT+RT)/(A+B+RT)
     [Costs 3 Bars of your Super Meter]
Tag Team Moves:
LB = Tag Out
D, F, LB = Tag Attack [Costs 1 Bar of your Super Meter]
D, B, LB = Tag Assist
Babalities: You must not press RT in the final round.
Selectable Characters:

Baraka Baraka
Combo Attacks:
Tarkatan Rush: X, Y, X [15%]
Painful Swipes: X, Y, Y [14%]
Tricky Fury: X, Y, (B+A) [12%]
Cut 'Em Loose: (B+X), X [13%]
Splinter: (B+X), (F+Y) [16%]
Cold Steel: Y, X, Y [15%]
Tears Of Pain: Y, Y, (X+Y) [15%]
Tarkatan Push: (B+Y), (F+Y) [15%]
Horror Show: (F+Y), B [15%]
Outworld Bash: (F+Y), Y [13%]
Tarkatan Blows: A, (B+A) [13%]
Open Wound: (B+A), X, (F+X) [19%]
Easy Kill: (B+A), Y, Y [15%]
Doom Kicks: (F+B), B [11%]
Fast Tags:
Bloody Mess: (B+A), X, LB [9%]
Tag Combos:
Skinned Alive: X, Y, LB
Killer Kuts: Y, X, LB
Have At It: Y, Y, LB
Cyrax Cyrax
Combo Attacks:
See Saw: X, X, X [12%]
Steel Fists: X, Y, X [15%]
Power Plant: X, Y, A [14%]
Mustard: Y, X, Y [18%]
Saw Enough: Y, Y, (F+X) [16%]
Kombat Boots: A, A, B [14%]
Cyber Beatdown: (B+X), Y, X, Y  [13%] (Must be pressed rapidly)
Fast Tags:
Automation: (B+Y), LB [10%]
Tag Combos:
Number Cruncher: (B+X), LB
High Tech: X, Y, LB
Short Circuit: Y, X, LB
Ermac Ermac
Combo Attacks:
Ermac Rush: X, Y, X [10%]
Mysterious Mash: (F+X), X, B [12%]
Fusion: (B+X), X, B [17%]
We Win: (B+X), Y, (F+X) [15%]
Nether Pain: Y, Y [11%]
Psychic Strikes: (B+Y), (B+X) [11%]
Lost Souls: (B+Y), X, (F+Y) [13%]
Relinquish: A, A [11%]
Surrender: A, X, Y [14%]
Disoriented: (B+A), B [9%]
Controlled Chaos: (F+B), (B+Y) [15%]
Fast Tags:
Breakdown: (F+Y), LB [9%]
Brain Freeze: (B+Y), LB [11%]
Mind-Blowing: (B+X), Y, (F+X), LB [15%]
Tag Combos:
Clear Your Mind: (F+X), X, LB
Subconscious: (B+X), X, LB
Lucidity: A, X, LB
Jade Jade
Combo Attacks:
Pole Check: X, Y, Y [10%]
Jade Charge: (B+X), (F+X) [15%]
Bad Girl: Y, A, (F+Y) [14%]
Edenian Rush: (F+Y), X, Y [13%]
Betrayal: A, B, Y [16%]
Assassin Strikes: (B+A), Y [11%]
Polecat: B, (F+A) [13%]
Fast Tags:
Untameable: (B+Y), LB [7%]
Pole Pain: (U+A), LB [11%]
Tag Combos:
After You: X, Y, LB
Likewise: Y, A, LB
Edenian Tag: (F+Y), X, LB
Distrust: A, B, LB
Jax Jax
Combo Attacks:
Major Force: X, Y, A [17%]
Boot Kamp: (B+X), Y, B [15%]
Active Duty: Y, X [9%]
Field Grade: Y, Y [9%]
Chain of Command: Y, (F+Y), (B+X) [15%]
Advance Force: (F+B), X, A [14%]
Code of Conduct: (F+B), X, B [14%]
Fast Tags:
Majority Rules: D, B, A, LB [8%]
Outranked: D, B, (A+RT), LB [10%]
Tag Combos:
Major Muscle: (B+X), Y, LB
Alloy-Over You: Y, (F+Y), LB
Briggs Da Noise: Y, (F+Y), (B+X), LB
Johnny Cage Johnny Cage
Combo Attacks:
Out Take: X, X, X [10%]
Showtime: X, X, (F+X) [12%]
Stand In: X, X, B [13%]
Cross Cutting: X, A, Y [15%]
Widescreen: Y, X, (F+Y) [15%]
Director's Cut: Y, X, (B+B) [12%]
Take Two: (F+A), Y [9%]
Money Shot: B, B [11%]
That's The Ticket: (F+A), A, (B+A) [16%]
Fast Tags:
Cliffhanger: (B+(Hold Y), LB [11%] (Requires a full charge)
Fade Out: (F+B), LB [9%]
Bootleg: (B+A), LB [5%]
Stunt Double: Y, X, (F+Y), LB [15%]
Tag Combos:
Cameo: X, A, LB
Double Feature: Y, X, LB
Stand-In: (F+A), A, LB
Kabal Kabal
Combo Attacks:
Last Breath: X, X, X [10%]
Extermination: X, X, (B+B), A [13%]
Mutilation: (B+X), Y, X [16%]
Vanquish: Y, X, Y [15%]
Nomad's Fear: (F+A), Y [11%]
Eviscerate: (F+B), (X+Y) [15%]
Fast Tags:
Up Next: (B+X), Y, X, LB [16%]
Tag Combos:
Your Turn X, X, (B+B), LB
Partners in Crime: (B+X), Y, LB
Rebirth: Y, X, LB
Kano Kano
Combo Attacks:
One Two Three: X, X, Y [11%]
Fighting King: (F+X), X [7%]
No Escape: (F+X), Y [9%]
Dragon's Tail: (B+X), X, Y [14%]
Snake Bite: (B+X), Y [11%]
Getting Ahead: Y, X, Y [10%]
Uplifting Force: (B+Y), A [10%]
Smashing Time: (B+Y), (F+X) [12%]
Double Dragon: A, A [11%]
The Rage Kicks: (F+A), A [9%]
Mean Machine: (F+A), (B+Y) [9%]
Fast Tags:
Lead Head: (B+X), X, Y, LB [14%]
Ear To Ear: Y, X, Y, LB [10%]
Bloodthirsty: (F+A), (B+Y), LB [9%]
Tag Combos:
Troublesome: X, X, LB
Delinquent: (B+X), X, LB
Villainous: Y, X, LB
Mischievous: (B+Y), LB
Kitana Kitana
Combo Attacks:
Royal Pain: X, X, Y [12%]
Dignified: (B+X), Y [11%]
Majestic: Y, X, Y [14%]
Noble Lift: (F+Y), X [11%]
Regal Assault: A, A, A [14%]
Blue Blood: (B+A), A [9%]
Power Intrusion: (F+A), X, Y [14%]
Deadly Rush: (F+B), X [15%]
Pure Kicks: (F+B), A [15%]
Deception: (F+B), (B+B) [13%]
Fast Tags:
Truth Be Told: (F+Y), X, LB [11%]
Effortless: (F+A), X, Y, LB [14%]
Big Fan: B, B, Y, LB [0%]
Tag Combos:
Pretty Princess: (B+X), LB
Mesmerizing: Y, X, LB
Magnificent: A, A, LB
Disrespect: (F+A), X, LB
Kung Lao Kung Lao
Combo Attacks:
Windy Palm: X, X, Y, X [10%]
Healing Wind: (B+X), (F+X) [13%]
Chained Fist: Y, X, Y, X, Y  [19%] (Must be pressed rapidly)
Iron Broom: Y, B, (X+Y) [15%]
Leg Bar: Y, B, (X+A) [14%]
Uprooting Step: Y, B, (X+A), B [17%]
Plum Flower: Y, B, (X+A), Y [19%]
Lead The Way: (B+A), A, A [9%]
Fast Tags:
Spin Out: D, F, X, LB [5%]
Tag Combos:
Yin Yang: X, X, Y, LB
Swirling Dragon: Y, X, Y, X, Y, LB (Must be pressed rapidly)
Double Yang: Y, B, LB
Liu Kang Liu Kang
Combo Attacks:
Three Fist: X, X, X [9%]
Death Fist: X, X, Y [11%]
Immortal Dragon: X, Y, (B+X) [9%]
Blazing Blasts: (F+X), Y, X [14%]
Fierce Tiger: Y, X, A [12%]
Showdown: (F+Y), B [11%]
Launching Fury: (B+Y), (B+A) [9%]
Backdown: (B+Y), A [9%]
Lotus Flurry: A, A, B [13%]
Final Act: (B+A), X, Y [13%]
Krushing Kombo: (F+B), A [7%]
Fast Tags:
Shaolin Spirit: X, Y, (B+X), LB [9%]
Dragon's Bite: (B+A), X, Y, LB [13%]
Next Time: X, LB [7%] (From Dragon Stance)
Shaolin Step: Y, X, A, LB [12%]
Tag Combos:
Fist Swaps: X, X, LB
Step In: X, Y, LB
Friendly: (F+X), Y, LB
Dragon Dance: Y, X, LB
Twin Lotus: A, A, LB
Harm-Onious: (B+A), X, LB
Mileena Mileena
Combo Attacks:
Smacked Around: X, X, Y [11%]
Boot Down: (B+X), B [11%]
Bones: Y, A, B [14%]
Pretty Slasher: (F+A), (X+Y) [1%]
Killer Heels: A, B [9%]
Getaway Sticks: (B+A), (B+B) [9%]
Fiendly Kiss: B, Y [11%]
Fast Tags:
Malice: (U+B), LB [7%]
Tag Combos:
Malevolence: X, X, LB
Fiendish: Y, A, LB
Nightwolf Nightwolf
Combo Attacks:
Blade And Edge: X, X, Y [12%]
Axe Blast: X, Y, Y, X [16%]
Dagger Stab: (B+X), X, X [14%]
Deadly Dance: X, X, B [14%]
New Earth: Y, A, B [15%]
Tomahawk Smash: (B+Y), Y, X [18%]
Full Moon: (F+A), X, Y [17%]
Spirit Tracks: (F+A), (B+B) [11%]
Fast Tags:
Waning Moon: (F+A), X, Y, LB [17%]
Rising Hawk: D, F, X, LB [5%]
Diving Eagle: D, F, (X+RT), LB [9%]
Tag Combos:
Razor's Edge: X, X, LB
Falcon Swap: X, Y, Y, LB
Deadly Talon: Y, A, LB
Howling Wolf: (B+Y), Y, LB
Bull And Bear: (F+A), X, LB
Noob Saibot Noob Saibot
Combo Attacks:
Saibot Blast: X, Y [9%]
Sneaky Saibot: (B+X), Y, (F+B) [13%]
Evil Twin: (B+X), Y, X, B [16%]
Assassinate: Y, X, Y [12%]
No Compassion: (B+Y), X, B [13%]
Reincarnated: (F+A), A, A [14%]
Possessed: (F+B), A [13%]
Fast Tags:
Mysterious: (B+X), Y, X, LB [11%]
Tag Combos:
Entangled: (B+X), Y, LB
Warped Rush: Y, X, LB
Tragic: (B+Y), X, LB
The Shadow: (F+A), A, LB
Raiden Raiden
Combo Attacks:
Heavenly Hand: X, Y, X, Y [10%]
Sudden Energy: Y, Y, (F+X) [13%]
White Lightning: Y, Y, (B+B) [11%]
Violent Thunder: (B+Y), (F+X), (X+Y) [15%]
Quick Burn: (F+Y), B [13%]
Flash Storm: (F+Y), A, (X+Y) [15%]
Spark Kicks: A, A, B [15%]
Thunder God: (B+A), X, Y [12%]
Fast Tags:
Distant Thunder: A, A, B, LB [15%]
Elder Fury: (B+A), X, Y, LB [12%]
God Fist: (F+Y), B, LB [13%]
Tag Combos:
Godlike: Y, Y, LB
Supernatural: (B+Y), (F+X), LB
Divine Power: (F+Y), A, LB
Reptile Reptile
Combo Attacks:
Cold Blooded: X, Y, B [7%]
Carnivore Bash: X, Y, Y, X [11%]
Deadly Venom: X, Y, (B+X) [9%]
Just Hatched: Y, (F+A) [11%]
Hybrid Blast: Y, (A+B) [15%]
Hybrid Crush: Y, (F+A), (X+Y) [17%]
Evolution: (F+Y), (B+X) [7%]
Amphibian Charge: A, Y, X [13%]
Slithered: A, Y, (B+B) [11%]
Swamp Strikes: (F+A), (X+Y) [13%]
Fast Tags:
Carnivorous: X, Y, Y, X, TG [11%]
Nocturnal: (F+Y), (B+X), LB [7%]
Aquatic: A, Y, X, LB [13%]
Shedding Skin: B, F, (Y+RT), LB [17%]
Tag Combos:
Toxic: X, Y, LB
Ravenous: X, Y, Y, LB
Scaly Serpent: Y, (F+A), LB
Bad Blood: (F+Y), LB
Anguish: A, Y, LB
Scorpion Scorpion
Combo Attacks:
Torment: X, X, X [12%]
Damnation: X, X, B [12%]
Brimstone: Y, X, Y [15%]
Gravedigger: Y, (X+Y) [9%]
Doom Blade: (F+Y), X, B [15%]
Dead End: A, A, B [13%]
Grievance: (F+B), A [9%]
Fast Tags:
Underworld: Y, (X+Y), LB [9%]
Soulless: (B+Y), LB [5%]
Tag Combos:
Eternal Vengeance: X, X, LB
Punishment: Y, X, LB
Affliction: (F+Y), X, LB
Revenge: A, A, LB
Sektor Sektor
Combo Attacks:
Artificial Intelligence: X, X, (B+X) [13%]
System Overload: X, Y, (B+X) [12%]
Hard Crash: X, Y, Y [17%]
Malfunction: (F+Y), (B+X) [15%]
Fusion Force: X, Y, B [14%]
Access Denied: X, A [9%]
Demolition: Y, X, B [14%]
Drive Power: (B+Y), X [15%]
Run Down: (B+A), B [11%]
User Error: (F+B), A [11%]
Fatal Error: (F+B), B [13%]
Fast Tags:
Intersect: D, F, B, LB [6%]
Partition: D, F, (B+RT), LB [11%] (Uses 1 Bar of Super)
System Lock: X, Y, (B+X), LB [12%]
Tag Combos:
Detatched: X, Y, LB
Spare Parts: Y, X, LB
Branch Off: (B+Y), LB
System Backup: (F+B), LB
Shang Tsung Shang Tsung
Combo Attacks:
Bad Omen: X, Y, X [9%]
Soul Stain: X, Y, Y [9%]
Soul Torment: X, A [7%]
Reserved Pain: (B+X), Y, X, B [14%]
Death Walker: Y, Y, X [12%]
Restored Youth: Y, Y, (B+B) [14%]
Play Time: (F+A), B [7%]
Deadly Truth: (F+B), A, B [14%]
Fast Tags:
Side By Side: (B+X), Y, X, LB [9%]
Ruthless: Y, Y, X, LB [12%]
Tag Combos:
Soul Stealer: X, Y, LB
Burning Evil: (B+X), Y, LB
B-Trade: Y, Y, LB
Two Of A Kind: (F+B), A, LB
Sheeva Sheeva
Combo Attacks:
Shokan Fury: X, Y, (B+X) [11%]
Blood Lust: X, (B+Y), (F+X) [17%]
Darkness: (B+X), Y, (X+Y) [15%]
Four-Way: Y, X, Y, (F+X) [15%]
Sheeva Rush: Y, X, Y, (B+X) [17%]
Quad Toss: (B+Y), (X+Y) [17%]
Demolish: (F+Y), (B+X) [15%]
Turmoil: A, A [11%]
Swiper: (F+A), (B+X) [13%]
Rehabilitated: (F+A), Y [18%]
Fast Tags:
Perfect Match: X, Y, (B+X), LB [11%]
Better Than: Y, X, Y, (F+X), LB [15%]
Tag Combos:
Helping Hands: X, Y, LB
Protector: X, (B+Y), LB
Distrustful: (B+X), Y, LB
Destruction: Y, X, Y, LB
Sindel Sindel
Combo Attacks:
Undead Bride: X, X, X [9%]
Royal Pain: X, X, (B+Y), B [11%]
Rebirth: (B+X), Y [6%]
Confronted: (F+X), Y, B [14%]
Anguish: Y, X, Y [11%]
Sadness: Y, X, (B+A) [12%]
Conquerer: (B+Y), B [7%]
Queen's Anger: A, X, X [15%]
Rise To Power: A, X, (B+Y) [15%]
Unforgettable: (B+A), (F+Y) [11%]
Child's Play: B, B, (U+A) [14%]
Fast Tags:
Royal Flush: X, X, (B+Y), LB [9%]
Regal Ruin: (B+X), Y, LB [6%]
Cataclysm: (B+Y), LB [5%]
Graceful Dead: (B+A), (F+Y), LB [11%]
Tag Combos:
Bow To Me: X, X, LB
Worthless: (F+X), Y, LB
Majestic Mash: Y, X, LB
Queen's Sorrow: A, X, LB
That Was Fun!: B, B, LB
Smoke Smoke
Combo Attacks:
Ablaze: X, X, Y [12%]
Smoldering: X, A [7%]
Red-Hot: (B+X), B [11%]
Smokin: (B+Y), A [11%]
Rekindle: Y, X, B [12%]
Combustion: A, (D+X), Y [14%]
On Fire: A, Y [11%]
Fast Tags:
Ashes To Ashes: A, (D+X), Y, LB [14%]
Dust To Dust: A, Y, LB [11%]
Tag Combos:
Incinerate: X, X, LB
Immolation: Y, X, LB
Ignite: A, (D+X), LB
Sonya Blade Sonya Blade
Combo Attacks:
Advance Force: X, X, Y [12%]
Fierce Assault: X, X, B [10%]
Drop Zone: Y, X, (B+A) [16%]
Ground Control: Y, X, (B+B) [13%]
Power Rush: (F+Y), Y, B [15%]
Mess Hall: (B+Y), X, (F+Y) [16%]
Playtime: A, X, Y [13%]
Beat Up: A, X, B [15%]
Pull Out: B, B [7%]
Fast Tags:
Switch Off: Y, LB [9%] (From Military Stance)
Fatal Kiss: D, B, X, LB [1%]
Surprise: (B+Y), X, (F+Y), LB [16%]
Windmill: D, F, A, LB [8%]
Tag Combos:
Lick My Boots: X, X, LB
Special Forced: Y, X, LB
Tough Love: (F+Y), Y, LB
Honorable Discharge: A, X, LB
Stryker Stryker
Combo Attacks:
Kop Out: X, Y [9%]
Dispatched: X, X, B [11%]
Beatdown: (B+X), Y, Y [10%]
Pain Patrol: Y, A, Y [15%]
The Heat: (B+Y), X [16%]
Aggravated Assault: (B+Y), (F+Y) [12%]
Spread 'Em: (B+Y), (B+B) [14%]
Come With Me: (B+A), Y [13%]
Fast Tags:
Serve And Protect: (B+X), Y, Y, TG [10%]
Remain Silent: (B+Y), (F+Y), LB [12%]
Affirmative: (B+A), Y, LB [13%]
Tag Combos:
We Aim To Please: X, X, LB
Officer Friendly: (B+X), Y, LB
Don't Move! Y, A, LB
Assault And Battery: (B+Y), LB
Sub-Zero Sub-Zero
Combo Attacks:
Frosty: X, X [7%]
Cold Feet: X, A, (F+B) [15%]
Arctic Blast: X, A, (B+B) [14%]
Ice Pick: (B+X), Y, X [20%]
Ice Cold: (B+X), Y, B [18%]
Frost Bitten: Y, X, Y [16%]
Ices Up: Y, X, B [18%]
Tundra Slice: (F+B), (X+Y) [16%]
Winter Blade: Y, Y, Y [14%]
Cold Steel: Y, Y, B [15%]
Chill Out: A, (F+B) [11%]
Fast Tags:
Absolute Zero: Y, X, LB [7%]
Tag Combos:
Freezer Burn: X, A, LB
Arctic Assault: (B+X), Y, LB
Ability To Freeze: Y, Y, LB
Unlockable Characters:

Cyber Sub-Zero Cyber Sub-Zero (Unlockable - Complete Chapter 13 of Story Mode)
Combo Attacks:
Cyborg Assault: X, X, X [10%]
Automation: X, X, Y [12%]
Drive Power: X, X, (F+B) [13%]
Freezing Pain: (F+X), B [19%]
Cryo Bash: (F+Y), Y, X [12%]
Frost: (B+X), Y [11%]
Wild Card: (B+Y), Y [9%]
Upload: (B+Y), B [13%]
Nanosmash: Y, X, (X+Y) [12%]
System Error: A, A, Y [14%]
Reboot: A, B [13%]
Blizzard: (B+A), Y, X [16%]
Fast Tags:
Dual Core: A, B, LB [13%]
Meltdown: (B+A), Y, LB [9%]
Tag Combos:
Dry Ice: X, X, LB
Glacier: Y, X, LB
Ice Over: (F+Y), Y, LB
Quan Chi Quan Chi (Unlockable - Complete Chapter 16 of Story Mode)
Combo Attacks:
Afterlife: X, X, Y [12%]
Under Torment: X, X, A [12%]
Conjurer's Crush: (B+X), X [11%]
Corruption: (F+X), Y, (X+Y) [15%]
Spellbinder: Y, X, Y [12%]
Root Of Evil: Y, X, B [16%]
Enchantment: Y, X, (U+A) [14%]
Wounded Wrath: (B+Y), X [9%]
Incantation: (B+Y), B [13%]
Deterioration: (B+A), A [11%]
Annihilation: (B+A), (X+Y) [9%]
Fast Tags:
Sinister: (B+Y), X, LB [9%]
Die-Abolical: (B+A), (X+Y), LB [9%]
Tag Combos:
Alternative Means: X, X, LB
Kruel Intentions: (F+X), Y, LB
Necro-Mashy: Y, X, LB
Downloadable Characters (DLC):

Kenshi Kenshi (DLC)
Combo Attacks:
Telekinetic Rush: X, X, X [9%]
Blind Justice: X, X, Y [13%]
Off Balance: X, X, B [1%]
Heightened Senses: Y, X, (B+Y) [15%]
Stolen Soul: Y, X, (F+B) [14%]
Absentminded: (F+Y), Y, (B+X) [14%]
Shortsighted: (F+Y), Y, (B+Y) [17%]
Brainpower: (F+A), Y [11%]
Fast Tags:
Concentration: Y, X, (B+Y), LB [15%]
Gray Matter: (F+Y), Y, (B+X), LB [14%]
Blind Fury: (F+A), Y, LB [11%]
Tag Combos:
Lost Way: X, X, LB
Blind Swordsman: Y, X, LB
Farsighted: (F+Y), Y, LB
Rain Rain (DLC)
Combo Attacks:
It Pours: X, X [9%]
Right As Rain: X, Y, (F+B) [11%]
Dehydrate: Y, B [11%]
Watery Grave: (B+Y), A [11%]
Waterfall: (B+Y), (X+Y) [9%]
Spill Over: A, A, B [13%]
Moisturize Me: B, A, (B+B) [17%]
Fast Tags:
Thicker Than Water: X, Y, (F+B), LB [11%]
Rain Or Shine: (B+Y), (X+Y), LB [9%]
Tag Combos:
Rain And Suffering: X, X, LB
No Rain, No Gain: A, A, LB
Dead In The Water: B, A, LB
Skarlet Skarlet (DLC)
Combo Attacks:
Krimson Bash: X, X, Y [9%]
Red Pain: X, X, B [11%]
Blood Clot: (B+X), (F+A) [11%]
Coagulation: (B+X), X, A [16%]
Bad Blood: (B+X), X, (F+B) [14%]
Bloody Murder: (B+X), X, (B+B) [12%]
Bloodshed: (B+Y), B [15%]
Punishment: Y, X, Y [13%]
Bloodshot: Y, A [11%]
Flesh and Blood: (F+Y), X, Y, (X+Y) [19%]
Blood Boil: (F+A), X, Y [12%]
Slaughter: (F+A), A [9%]
Carnage: (U+A), B [15%]
Thicker Than Water: (F+B), A [13%]
Fast Tags:
Transfusion: (B+X), X, (F+B), LB [14%]
Blood and Tears: (F+Y), X, Y, (X+Y), LB [19%]
Butchery: (F+A), X, Y, LB [12%]
Warfare: (U+A), LB [9%]
Tag Combos:
Bloodthirsty: X, X, LB
Krimson Blades: (B+X), X, LB
Judgment: Y, X, LB
Blood and Guts: (F+Y), X, LB
Bloody Hell: (F+A), X, LB
Freddy Krueger Freddy Krueger (DLC)
Combo Attacks:
Split You In Two: X, X, X [9%]
Skin The Cat: (B+X), Y, Y [12%]
In Your Dreams: (B+X), Y, (U+X) [10%]
Kung Fu This Bitch: Y, Y, (X+Y) [15%]
I Am Eternal: (F+Y), X, (B+A) [13%]
Never Sleep Again: (F+Y), X, B [11%]
I Love Screamers: (B+Y),B [15%]
Come To Freddy: A, A [11%]
Ungrateful Piggy: (B+A), A [11%]
Comin For You: (F+B), A [9%]
Playing With Power: (F+B), Y, X [17%]
Fast Tags:
How Sweet Fresh Meat: (B+X), Y, (U+X), LB [10%]
Tag You're It: (U+A), LB [9%]
Great Graphics: (F+B), Y, X, LB [17%]
Tag Combos:
Party's Just Starting: X, X, LB
Always Room For More: (B+X), Y, LB
Reach Out And Cut Someone: Y, Y, LB
Meet Your Maker: (F+Y), X, LB
Now You Die: (F+B), Y, LB
Boss Characters:

Goro Goro (Sub-Boss/Playable via Hack/Trainer)
Combo Attacks:
Shokan Strikes: X, X [?%]
Kintaro Kintaro (Sub-Boss/Playable via Hack/Trainer)
Combo Attacks:
Shokan Strikes: (B+X), Y [?%]
Shao Kahn Shao Kahn (Boss/Playable via Hack/Trainer)
Combo Attacks:
Emperor Bash: X, X [?%]