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Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013)
Combos - XBOX 360
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CyborgGreen ArrowSupermanLex LuthorCatwomanDeathstroke
RavenAquamanWonder WomanAresKiller FrostDoomsday
HawkgirlSHAZAM!Green LanternSinestroBlack AdamBane
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Last updated: 03/30/19
Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.
Injustice (Printable) PDF Documents: Universal / XBOX 360 / PlayStation3 / Wii U

U = Up/Jump
D = Down/Crouch/Low Block
F = Forward/Toward
B = Back/Away/Block
Dash: F, F
Back Dash: B, B
Uppercut: (D+Y)
Sweep: (D+A)
Pause/Movelist: (START)

1 = Light Attack
2 = Medium Attack
3 = Heavy Attack
4 = "*Character Power"
TH = **Throw
SI = Stage Interaction
FS = Flip Stance
MB = Meter Burn
SM = "Super Move"
XBOX 360:
1 = X
2 = Y
3 = A
4 = B
TH = LB/(X+A)
SI = RB/(X+Y)
SM = (LT+RT) /(Y+A+RT)

*Weapon Switch/Gadget Deploy/Throw depending on character
** Forward Throw = (F+LB)/(F+X+A)
** Reverse Throw = (B+LB)/(B+X+A)
** Throw Reversal = LB
Level Transition = (B+H)
Clash Breaker = (F+RT) (During Combo, when you're on your second red health bar)
Block Escape = RT immediately after blocked move (Costs 1 Meter)
Bounce Cancel = F, F,/B, B, RT (Costs 2 Meters) (During Combo)
Attack Counter = Special Move after Blocked Attack
Wakeup Attack = Special Move as you rise form being knocked down
Tech Roll = X/Y/A/B when hitting ground
Injustice: Gods Among Us Free Demo available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace (Gold and Silver Members) and PlayStation Network.
The free demo for Injustice: Gods Among Us features Batman, Wonder Woman, and Lex Luthor, battling in the Gotham City arena.
Selectable Characters:

Aquaman Aquaman
Seven Seas: X, X [5%]
Aquatic Ace: X, X, Y, A [15%]
Marine Marvel: (F+X), A [7%]
Tidal Wave: (F+X), A, Y [14%]
From The Depths: (B+X), Y [5%]
Huzzah: (B+X), Y, A [9%]
Tsunami Slam: Y, Y [8%]
Atlantean Strength: Y, Y, A [14%]
Orin Origin: (B+Y), (U+A) [14%]
Deep Sea: (F+Y), (X+A) [15%]
Ares Ares
Deity Ruler: X, X [4%]
Supreme General: X, X, Y [12%]
Reign of Terror: X, Y [5%]
Honor The Gods: X, Y, A [9%]
Olympian Might: (B+X), A [13%]
Furious Anger: (F+X), Y [12%]
Bloodshed: (F+X), (D+A) [12%]
Divine Order: Y, Y [5%]
Cerberus Pain: Y, Y, A [11%]
Mighty Aggression: (B+Y), X [12%]
Invading Force: (B+Y), A [10%]
Bow To Me: (F+Y), A [12%]
Malevolent Violence: A, (D+Y) [14%]
Immortal Rush: A, A [14%]
Bane Bane
Punching Bag: X, X [6%]
Juiced: X, X, Y [16%]
Feel The Pain: X, X, A [12%]
Bring It: (B+X), X [4%]
Bitter Taste: (B+X), X, Y [10%]
Dead One: X, Y [8%]
Final Strike: X, Y, A [14%]
Secret Six: Y, Y [6%]
Venom Strength: Y, Y, A [12%]
Knightfall: (B+Y), X [10%]
Master of Disguise: (B+Y), A [10%]
Veritas Liberat: (F+Y), D, Y [13%]
Infinite Crisis: (F+Y), D, A [13%]
Batman Batman
Showdown: X, X [4%]
Injustice: X, X, Y [10%]
Vengeance: X, X, A [8%]
Tricky Bat: X, Y, Y [10%]
Intimidation: X, Y [4%]
Mind Games: X, Y, A [8%]
Millionaire: (F+X), X [4%]
High Tech: (F+X), X, Y [10%]
Darkness: (F+X), X, A [8%]
Tragic: Y, Y [5%]
Caped Crusader: Y, Y, A [11%]
Stay Down: (F+Y), A [11%]
Winged Avenger: (B+Y), A [16%]
Black Adam Black Adam
Fearless: X, X [4%]
Corruption: X, X, Y [8%]
End Phase: X, X, A [10%]
Empty Tomb: X, A [11%]
Black Nile: (B+X), Y [8%]
Obelisk: Y, Y [5%]
Sceptre: Y, Y, A [11%]
Dark Age: Y, Y, (B+X) [9%]
Khem-Adam: (F+Y), A [15%]
Nine Bows: (B+Y), A [10%]
Ka Servant: (B+Y), A, (U+X) [16%]
Eye of Horus: (B+Y), A, (U+Y) [16%]
Might of Aton: (B+Y), A, (U+A) [16%]
Ra Power: (B+Y), A, (U+X+A) [20%]
Catwoman Catwoman
Plaything: X, X [4%]
Cat Style: X, X, Y [11%]
Hi Kitty: X, Y [5%]
Scratching Post: X, Y, Y [13%]
Tomcat: X, (F+Y) [13%]
Cat's Eye: X, Y, (B+A) [9%]
Toying With: (F+X), X [5%]
Ball Of Yarn: (F+X), X, Y [8%]
Kitty Kitty: (F+X), X, Y, A [14%]
Crafty: (B+X), Y [5%]
Scaredy Cat: (B+X), Y, (U+A) [9%]
Purrfect: (B+X), Y, (D+A) [11%]
Whiplash: Y, (D+Y) [7%]
Curious Cat: Y, (D+Y), X [13%]
You Kitten Me: Y, (D+Y), A [15%]
Hellcat: (B+Y), A [17%]
Fur Tail: (F+Y), (U+A) [10%]
Whip Cream: (F+Y), (U+A), X [15%]
Hissing: (F+Y), (D+A) [10%]
Pick Pocket: (F+Y), (D+A), X [14%]
Wildcat: A, A [%]
Safecracker: A, A, (B+Y) [10%]
Kitty-Cornered: A, A, A [15%]
Cyborg Cyborg
Android: X, X [4%]
Humanity: X, X, Y [12%]
Comeback: X, X, A [8%]
Chrome Plated: X, Y [5%]
Man Within: X, Y, (B+Y) [11%]
Solid Metal: (B+X), Y [5%]
Blowout: (B+X), Y, A [11%]
Sideline: (F+Y), Y [12%]
Lost Faith: (B+Y), A, X [13%]
Deathstroke Deathstroke
Carbine: X, Y [7%]
Terminator: X, Y, A [13%]
High Noon: X, A [7%]
Human Hunting: X, A, Y [11%]
Contract Killer: (B+X), (U+Y) [9%]
Never Saw It: (B+X), (D+A) [8%]
Tango Down: Y, A [6%]
Silent Approach: Y, A, X [12%]
Search And Destroy: (F+Y), A [10%]
Retractable Stock: (B+Y), Y [6%]
Identity Crisis: (B+Y), Y, Y [12%]
Checkmate: (B+Y), A [8%]
Slade Way: (B+Y), A, (F+Y) [16%]
Cold Steel: A, Y [8%]
Diamond Blade: A, Y, A [12%]
Kill Confirmed: A, Y, A, X [15%]
Doomsday Doomsday
Complete Destruction: X, X [5%]
Hunter: X, X, Y [11%]
Worlds Collide: X, Y [5%]
Reign Supreme: X, Y, A [13%]
Prehistoric Kryptonian: (B+X), A [12%]
Crisis: Y, Y [6%]
The Ultimate: Y, Y, (X+A) [15%]
Agony: Y, A [6%]
Infinite Power: Y, A, (D+X) [12%]
Alpha-Omega: (F+Y), A [10%]
Ravage: (B+Y), A [8%]
Countless Deaths: (B+Y), A, X [14%]
The Destroyer: A, A [15%]
The Flash The Flash
Speed Force: X, X [6%]
Greased Lightning: X, X, Y [12%]
Hot Pursuit: X, X, A [12%]
In a Jiff: X, Y [10%]
Light Speed: X, Y, A [14%]
Terminal Velocity: Y, X [11%]
Quick Step: (D+X), (D+Y) [7%]
Natural Disasters: (D+X), (D+Y), (D+A) [11%]
On The Double: (B+Y), Y [10%]
Roller Coaster: (B+Y), Y, Y, (F+A) [18%]
Bolt Of Lightning: A, Y [12%]
Forced Acceleration: (F+Y), X [12%]
Fastest Man Alive: (F+Y), X, A [18%]
Green Arrow Green Arrow
Minus Ten: X, X [5%]
More Fun: X, X, X [13%]
Thrill Seeker: X, X, A [11%]
Final Shot: (B+X), A [13%]
Quiver: Y, Y [5%]
Night Ranger: Y, Y, A [13%]
Light It Up: (B+Y), A [14%]
Longbow Hunter: (F+Y), (D+X) [6%]
Queen's Gambit: (F+Y), (D+X), A [10%]
Beast Slayer: A, A [12%]
Green Lantern Green Lantern
Triple Barrage: X, Y [7%]
Volley Smash: X, Y, A [11%]
Justice Is Served: (B+X), Y [11%]
Parallel Nature: (B+X), A [7%]
Warp Power: Y, Y [5%]
Hyperbolic: Y, Y, A [9%]
Grand Slam: Y, Y, A, X [14%]
True Might: (F+Y), (D+X) [6%]
Guardian: (F+Y), (D+X), A [12%]
Lantern Corps: (B+Y), A [8%]
Brightest Day: (B+Y), A, A [16%]
Harley Quinn Harley Quinn
Naughty-Naughty: X, X [5%]
I Hope It Hurts: X, X, Y [14%]
Girls Best Friend: X, Y [6%]
Rude Joke: X, Y, A [10%]
Irresistible: (B+X), Y [8%]
Let's Play: (B+X), Y, X [14%]
For Mistah J.: (F+X), A [12%]
Miss Me: Y, (B+A) [13%]
Hi Puddin: Y, (D+A) [11%]
Pleased To Meetcha: Y, (U+A) [7%]
He Loves Me: (B+Y), Y [10%]
Don't Get Hurt: (F+Y), Y [13%]
That's Cute: (F+Y), A [14%]
Lollipops: A, A [14%]
Hawkgirl Hawkgirl
Mace Smash: X, X [5%]
Morning Star: X, X, Y [11%]
Meteor Hammer: X, Y [6%]
Mace Maximum: X, Y, A [10%]
Birds Of Prey: X, Y, (B+A) [12%]
Crashing Nth: (B+X), A [8%]
Betrayal: (F+X), X [8%]
Tactical Strike: (F+X), A [10%]
Short Fuse: Y, Y [8%]
Thanagarian Strength: Y, Y, (U+A) [16%]
Dawn Star: (B+Y), Y [7%]
The Old Ones: (B+Y), Y, (B+A) [13%]
Golden Age: (B+Y), A [12%]
Heavy Nth: A, Y [9%]
Bloody War: A, Y, (B+X) [17%]
The Joker The Joker
Suicide King: X, X [4%]
Last Laugh: X, X, Y [12%]
Give Me A Smile: X, X, A [8%]
Punch Line: (B+X), A [11%]
Die Laughing: Y, X [7%]
Put It There Pal: Y, X, Y [13%]
HA HA HA HA: Y, X, A [13%]
Clown Prince: (F+Y), A [4%]
Full Deck: (F+Y), A, Y [8%]
Joke's On You: (F+Y), X [11%]
Mad Love: A, Y [12%]
Shank Shank: A, Y, A [16%]
No More Jokes: A, A [16%]
Killer Frost Killer Frost
Ice Cold: X, A [11%]
Freezing Effect: X, X [4%]
Severe Blizzard: X, X, X [10%]
Dancing Ice: X, X, (B+Y) [8%]
Frozen Twister: X, X, A, A [11%]
Cold Blooded: (F+X), X [5%]
Tempest: (F+X), X, Y [12%]
Arctic Frost: (F+X), X, A [11%]
Diamond Dust: (B+X), (U+A) [11%]
Hailstone: Y, Y [6%]
Thin Ice: Y, Y, A [12%]
Hailstorm: (B+Y), A [12%]
Freezing Rain: (F+Y), X [9%]
Cold As Ice: (F+Y), A [12%]
Lex Luthor Lex Luthor
Mad Man: X, X [4%]
Criminal Mind: X, X, Y [8%]
Prototype: X, X, A [10%]
Highest Currency: (F+X), A [5%]
Die Hard: Y, X [8%]
World Domination: Y, X, A [18%]
Early Triumph: Y, Y [8%]
New Destiny: Y, Y, (B+A) [16%]
Evil Scientist: Y, Y, (D+X) [12%]
LexCorp: (B+Y), (U+A) [12%]
Megalomania: (B+Y), (U+A), (D+A) [20%]
Nightwing Nightwing
Escrima Combos:
SideKick: X, X [4%]
Razor's Edge: X, X, Y [12%]
Dark Justice: X, X, A [11%]
Stick and Move: (B+X), X [8%]
Shooting Star: (B+X), X, Y [14%]
Surrender Now: (B+X), A [10%]
Renegade: Y, Y [6%]
Lone Bird: Y, Y, A [12%]
Gotham Hero: (F+Y), X [7%]
Wide Wing: (F+Y), X, A [14%]
Lightning Crash: A, A [8%]
Freefall: A, A, A [12%]
In The Zone: (D+X), Y [4%]

Staff Combos:
Trapeze Artist: X, (B+X) [14%]
Outsider: X, (F+X) [8%]
Last Chance: X, (D+A) [12%]
Wing Span: X, (F+Y) [12%]
Raven Raven
Midnight: X, X [4%]
Black Rose: X, X, (F+Y) [10%]
Blood Moon: X, X, (B+Y) [8%]
Darkness Falls: X, X, A [12%]
Phantom Cloak: (F+X), A [10%]
Tears Of Sorrow: (B+X), Y [5%]
Stonehenge: (B+X), Y, A [13%]
Silent Vesper: Y, Y [5%]
Blackest Night: Y, Y, A [9%]
Twilight's End: (B+Y), A [12%]
Titan Trash: (F+Y), Y, Y [14%]
Forever Dust: (F+Y), Y, A, A [14%]
Second Life: (F+Y), Y, (U+X) [12%]
One-Two Punch: X, X [5%]
Solomon's Wisdom: X, Y [5%]
Hercules' Strength: X, X, Y [11%]
Atlas' Stamina: X, Y, (B+A) [11%]
Zeus' Power: X, Y, (F+A) [11%]
Achilles' Courage: (F+X), Y [6%]
Mercurys Speed: (B+X), Y [5%]
Mighty Colossus: (B+X), Y, A [11%]
One-Two Kick: Y, Y [6%]
Mighty Charge: (B+Y), A [9%]
Mighty Force: (F+Y), Y [6%]
Roaring Strike: (F+Y), Y, A [12%]
Sinestro Sinestro
Distortion: X, X [4%]
Positive Matter: X, X, X [10%]
Sinful Pride: X, X, Y [8%]
Ego Trip: X, X, (U+A) [12%]
Tainted Reputation: X, (B+Y) [5%]
Yellow Element: X, (B+Y), A [12%]
Lost Will: (B+X), Y [10%]
Zero Compassion: (B+X), A [8%]
Dashed Hope: Y, Y [5%]
Devastating: Y, Y, (D+Y) [13%]
Fearless: Y, Y, A [11%]
Blind Ambition: (B+Y), X [10%]
In Blackest Day: (B+Y), X, A [16%]
Fallen Hero: (B+Y), (B+A) [10%]
War Of Light: (F+Y), (D+X) [6%]
Power Burn: (F+Y), (D+X), A [14%]
Solomon Grundy Solomon Grundy
Heavy Hand: X, X [6%]
Driven To Kill: X, X, Y [12%]
Destroy: X, X, A [10%]
Face Of Evil: X, (B+Y) [10%]
Born On a Monday: (B+X), A [14%]
Reanimated: (F+X), Y [5%]
No Pain: (F+X), Y, Y [11%]
Death To All: (F+X), A [9%]
Already Dead: (B+Y), A [10%]
Rest In Peace: (F+Y), Y [10%]
Slaughter Swamp: (F+Y), Y, A [16%]
Bad Blood: A, Y [14%]
Dead's Blood: A, A [15%]
Tombstoned: (D+X), A [9%]
Swampland: (D+Y), A [12%]
Superman Superman
It's a Bird: X, X [5%]
Great Purge: X, X, X [8%]
Kryptonite Bash: X, X, Y [11%]
Speeding Bullet: Y, Y [5%]
The Last Son: Y, Y, A [9%]
Unstoppable: (B+Y), A [11%]
Solitude Strikes: (F+Y), A [8%]
Steel Rush: (F+Y), (D+X) [5%]
Man of Steel: (F+Y), (D+X), A [10%]
Wonder Woman Wonder Woman
Lasso Combos:
Entrapment: X, X [5%]
Ends Of the Earth: X, X, Y [9%]
Demi God: (B+X), X [5%]
Gods And Mortals: (B+X), X, A [%]
Warrior Princess: (D+X), Y [13%]
Destiny Calling: Y, A [10%]
Hephaestus Rush: (B+Y), A [15%]
Athena's Wisdom: A, A, [10%]

Sword and Shield Combos:
Double Edge: X, X [6%]
Fires of Hestia: X, X, (B+X) [10%]
Go In Peace: X, X, Y [12%]
War Of The Gods: (F+X), Y [6%]
Strength of the Sword: (F+X), Y, A [10%]
Eyes Of The Hunter: Y, (B+X) [10%]
Weeping Angel: Y, Y [10%]
By The Gods: Y, Y, A [16%]
Aegis Wrath: (B+Y), X [12%]
Justice: (B+Y), A [12%]
Downloadable Characters (DLC):

Lobo Lobo (DLC#1)
Mindless Violence: X, X [6%]
Bad Boy: X, X, Y [12%]
Worthless Scum: X, X, A [14%]
Lights Out: X, Y [8%]
Hired Gun: X, Y, (X+A) [18%]
Feetal's Gizz: (B+X), Y [11%]
Disemboweled: (B+X), Y, (X+A) [19%]
Skull Rider: Y, X [10%]
Game Over: Y, X, A [16%]
Mister Machete: (B+Y), (U+X) [12%]
Space Dolphins: (F+Y), X [10%]
Rampage: (F+Y), X, A [14%]
The Last Czarnian: (F+Y), A [12%]
Batgirl Batgirl (DLC#2)
Oracle's Visions: X, X [5%]
Miss Gordon: X, X, X [10%]
All Star: X, X, (U+Y) [9%]
No Man's Land: X, X, (U+Y), A [12%]
Secret Identity: X, X, (U+Y), (D+X) [11%]
Foxy Origin: X, X, A [11%]
Gotham Knight-ess: X, Y [6%]
Red Handed: X, Y, (B+Y) [12%]
Ballad of Babs: X, Y, (B+A) [10%]
Dressed to Thrill: (B+X), Y [9%]
The Killing Joke: Y, X [6%]
Pretty in Black: Y, X, Y [10%]
Dark Secrets: Y, A [10%]
Mentor's Method: (B+Y), X [12%]
No Joke: (B+Y), (U+A) [10%]
The Hard Way: (B+Y), (D+A) [6%]
DeTangled: (F+Y), X [8%]
Noir Thrill: (F+Y), X, Y [13%]
Virus Purge: (F+Y), A [12%]
Scorpion Scorpion (DLC#3)
Eternal Vengeance: X, X [4%]
Torment: X, X, Y [8%]
Damnation: X, X, A [10%]
Burning Soul: (F+X), X [4%]
Dead End: (F+X), X, A [10%]
Bloodbath: (B+X), Y [9%]
Underworld: Y, X [5%]
Brimstone: Y, X, Y [13%]
Gravedigger: Y, (U+A) [10%]
Doom Blade: (F+Y), Y [6%]
Soulless: (F+Y), Y, (D+A) [12%]
Revenge: (F+Y), Y, (U+A) [12%]
General Zod General Zod (DLC#4)
Military Leader: X, X [5%]
The Last Days: X, X, (D+Y) [11%]
Absolute Power: X, X, Y [9%]
Supreme Ruler: X, X, Y, (X+A) [%]
Phantom Survivor: X, Y [13%]
Impossible: X, Y, A [10%]
The Hunter: (B+X), Y [6%]
Darkness Reign: (B+X), Y, A [12%]
High Command: Y, X [5%]
Betrayal: Y, X, A [9%]
The Glory of Krypton: Y, Y [6%]
You Will Fall: Y, Y, (X+A) [10%]
Fallen Kryptonian: (F+Y), X [7%]
I Will Kill You: (F+Y), X, (U+Y) [11%]
You Are A Fool!: (F+Y), X, (U+Y), A [16%]
Tyrant: (F+Y), X, A [11%]
Fallen General: (B+Y), A [10%]
I Always Win: (D+X, Y) [7%]
Martian Manhunter Martian Manhunter (DLC#5)
Shattered Psyche: X, X
Ravaged World: X, X, Y
Alien Invasion: X, X, (U+A)
Sole Survivor: (F+X) , Y
Big Green Buddy: (F+X), Y, A
Light to the Light: (B+X), A
Darkness in the Heart: Y, Y
Stranded: Y, Y, Y
Extraterrestrial: Y, Y, (B+A)
Zero Hour: (B+Y), A, A, A
Clear Mind: (F+Y), (D+A)
Reckoning: (F+Y), (U+X)
Bloodwynd: (F+Y), (U+X), (X+A)
Zatanna Zatanna (DLC#6)
Obsidian Age: X, X
Skilled Illusionist: X, X, Y
Hocus Pocus: X, X, (U+A)
Ace of Clubs: X, X, (D+A)
Night Chill: (B+X), (U+A)
Books of Magic: (B+X), (D+A)
Lost Father: Y, Y
Hidden Secrets: Y, Y, X
Shadowcrest: Y, Y, A
Magic Show: (B+Y), X
Counter Spell: (B+Y), A
Hidden Ones: (F+Y), X
Sentinels of Magic: (F+Y), X, X
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